Looking back :: Stepping into the unknown & losing myself

I’ve written before about my elective caesarian section and today I am thinking of it more than ever. This time last year, we nervously checked into a hotel preparing for what was ahead. I couldn’t help but smile at the irony at the time, we had booked a hotel to relax a bit as we knew that what was ahead of us was sleepless nights…and yet relaxing was impossible.

We were suddenly stepping into the unknown together – my OH had done it once before, but it was almost 12 years ago that he had forgotten the finer details, and I was pretty much walking in blind. To be honest I don’t think it even dawned on me how this was a defining moment in our story, starting our own family.

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Sea Life Aquarium, Brighton

I’ve secretly been very excited about taking Emma to the aquarium – in fact when I met my other half’s son years back, I had wanted to go with him but was disappointed to find out that he had been dozens of times already. I knew how much Emma loves looking at water and hoped she would find it fascinating.

To double up with my own excitement, we made an afternoon out of it with a few of the girls from my NCT group and their babies, to celebrate the birthdays of the ones who were born in April. It was such a great idea to do something all together; we picked the right day for it as it was raining by the bucketload when I left the house and hailing by the time we arrived.

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Spring/Summer Wishlist :: My Top 5

The sun is shining so brightly today and it always puts a spring in my step. It’s coincided with Emma moving up a size in her clothes and I have begun to think about new clothes for her.

I love shopping for Emma – there’s something about shopping for a little girl that can make me go completely overboard. And as we approach the year mark, there are definitely a few brands that I love spying on!

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Review :: VTech First Steps Baby Walker

At 10 months Emma showed such interest in standing up and taking a few steps that I decided to get her a walker. I was hoping it would give her the satisfaction of being able to get from A to B without mummy transporting her.

Introducing VTech’s First Steps Baby Walker! The first thing that’s a winner for me is how easy this is to assemble. As I opened the box, Emma started jumping up and down excitedly, tapping her hands on the box – so there was pressure to put this together fairly quickly! But it was no trouble at all – the front panel is attached the frame with a click catch, and can be removed so the baby can use on its own on the floor. The batteries can be inserted at the rear of the walker panel and then you’re good to go.

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Half-way Point

I’m having one of those days where I’m finding it tough, where listening to ballads makes me cry. Emma’s refusal to eat her lunch really begins to get to me, as I realise I forgot to go to  buy natural yoghurt and emergency Ella’s Kitchen pouches, and I’m crying inside as much as she’s crying on the outside. The changing room where we keep Emma’s clothes has somehow spilled out into the kitchen and there seems to be clothes everywhere – she has just moved up a size and I need to put some of her smaller clothes away.

I know this feeling well. I’m tired. I’ve been running on the adrenaline of making everything work and just getting on with it. It’s like I’ve just hit a brick wall.

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Weaning Success Meals: Risotto

Emma was weaned when she was 5 months, so at this point (11 months) – the weaning journey seems to be working quite well, though not without it’s hiccups where only yoghurt and fruit was consumed for weeks on end! However I’ve only felt in the past month or so that she is actually enjoying food, rather than just putting up with it and thinking “nope she’s definitely not going to give me milk”! The great news is that I’ve found some recipes that have been working really well…the kind of recipes that you’d make if you were taking her out for lunch and need a no hassle lunch that she will eat.

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My Happy :: A Tougher Week


It’s been slightly tougher this week, Emma seems a bit more run down than usual and has another tooth coming through…although it hasn’t shown itself yet! It only take a couple of nights of being awake every other hour to completely drain me. But trying to look on the positives and still do lots of lovely things with her to keep her mind off it. I’m really loving doing my happy lists, to remind myself of the lovely times even when parts of the week are a bit more trying than usual.

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Inspiration :: First Birthday Presents for under £10

At the moment we are quite literally inundated with 1st birthday parties – I’m really enjoying them and it’s great to get everyone together to give ourselves all a pat on the back for making it to the 1 year mark.

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Liebster Award…getting to know me a little better


The Liebster Award is an award given to bloggers by other bloggers and is made up of a sort of chain letter involving a series of questions that you answer. You then pass on a new set of questions to the bloggers that you nominate. So big thanks to The Mummy Diaries for my nomination – go and check out her blog!

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