Liebster Award…getting to know me a little better


The Liebster Award is an award given to bloggers by other bloggers and is made up of a sort of chain letter involving a series of questions that you answer. You then pass on a new set of questions to the bloggers that you nominate. So big thanks to The Mummy Diaries for my nomination – go and check out her blog!

Here are the questions set for me:

Why do you blog? I fell in love with blogging a couple of years ago when I started a food blog. I had just been told I had a gluten and wheat intolerance that triggered quite scary asthma attacks. So I started blogging everything I was eating as a way of coping with it all. Now as a new mum, I started this blog to remember all the little details in our new family life. The blogging community is welcoming, that I’ve in turn made lots of friends through my blog, it’s lovely to feel like you’re not the only one going through it!

What’s the best way to spend your weekend? My other half commutes to London during the week, so weekends are truly family time. My perfect weekend is going for a late brunch at our favourite beachside cafe Big Beach Cafe – they have amazing fry ups as well as yummy burgers and strong coffee! They also have lots of high chairs and space in there for us to bring Emma. Then we’d go for a seafront walk with no time restraints and in the evening watch a film together with a Wagamama takeaway and red wine. I’d also love to take Emma to the swings, to hear her laugh from the belly!

What is the funniest thing that has ever happened to you? A few years back, my other half and I went on holiday to Rome. We decided to be crazy and get the 6am flight from Gatwick to make the most of every second, which quite honestly we regretted! When we arrived, everything was going smoothly – the bags arrived and we headed to the train station. Then all of a sudden a man in a suit was mopping up sick on my other half’s back. The smell was so awful (although this was pre-Emma so I imagine I could handle the smell now!!) and I was wretching as I tried to help him too. We were checked in a super fancy hotel too so decided to get to a supermarket to clean up! However it was Sunday and none of the shops were open so we had to just arrive with massive apologies for smelling a bit trampish. To this day we still don’t know what was sick on him, but it must’ve been their baby!

Where is your favourite place to be in the world and why? I loved New York when we visited – it was pretty romantic as we went in January and there was blanket snow over Central Park. There was something magical about visiting somewhere you’ve seen a million times in TV and films. I also love Melbourne and Hong Kong, where my parents are from. It’s wonderful going back to see family and something I don’t get to do often.

What is your favourite colour? Blue. I’m not sure why, but it always has been. Maybe it was one of those snap decisions when I was younger!

Your favourite ever song and why? ‘Poison Oak’ by Bright Eyes. This song was playing when I went on my first date with my other half. It’s a sad song but it makes me so happy listening to it. In fact strangely, a lot of songs I love are a bit sad and my other half has a theory that happy people love sad/depressing songs, and vice versa. Ah controversial!

What blogger do you look up to? I love Right Royal Mother for the uniqueness of her blog, and for making me laugh with every post! I also love Quite Frankly She Said and A Mum Track Mind.

How long have you been blogging? 3 weeks, but I had a food blog called The Noble Foodie which I started in May 2014.

What’s your favourite social media platform and why? Twitter is definitely my favourite – I really enjoy chatting to other bloggers and joining in the linkies too. Instagram is also brilliant, and a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine.

What’s your favourite food in the world to eat? Both come from my mum’s amazing repertoire – stir fried egg noodles and vegetables or her Malaysian chicken curry with potatoes. So delicious.

Here are my questions:

  1. Morning or night person?
  2. How many pairs of shoes do you own?
  3. What’s your guilty pleasure?
  4. What is your favourite type of holiday?
  5. When you were younger, how many kids did you want?
  6. Bath or shower?
  7. What was your first job?
  8. Night owl or early riser?
  9. What was the last film you watched?
  10. What’s your favourite meal of the day?
  11. If you could ask your future self one question, what would it be?

I nominate the following lovely bloggers:

Caring in the Chaos

Squirmy Popple

White Camellias 

Two Tiny Hands

Thanks again to The Mummy Diaries for my nomination! xxx




3 thoughts on “Liebster Award…getting to know me a little better

  1. Oh I love this! I am desperate to be nominated…(hint, hint!). I have never heard of your favourite song but I’m going to look it up now on You Tube! #FabFridayPostLinky


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