Inspiration :: First Birthday Presents for under £10

At the moment we are quite literally inundated with 1st birthday parties – I’m really enjoying them and it’s great to get everyone together to give ourselves all a pat on the back for making it to the 1 year mark.

Over the course of March and April, I counted we have 11 parties to go to, which is incredible for popular Miss Emma, but it brings up the dilemma of what you buy as presents. We all agreed within a group of us that we should only be spending £10 maximum per baby, otherwise it gets super expensive and these days they all have so many clothes and toys.

So I started to compile a list of presents I have been giving, all under £10 and all quite cute!

Happyland Fantasy Carriage by Early Learning Centre £10 (reduced from £20)

We struck lucky with these presents as Mothercare were doing a big sale! Emma absolutely loves Happyland – she first came across it when her cousin had a London bus with figurines, so I’ve been waiting for the right time to buy her one. I thought this was a lovely sized present, with 2 figurines included.

Happyland Mouse Cafe by Early Learning Centre £5 (reduced from £10)

I really love this one too, it’s so girly and cute and hope Emma’s friend will love it too. It comes with just one mouse figurine.

Wooden Pull Along Dog by Marks & Spencer £8

I fell in love with this one when I wasn’t even looking for presents. I really like wooden toys and Emma has just started to show interest in pulling the string along of a wooden trolley of bricks her brother gave her.

Music Maker by Mothercare £10 (reduced from £13)

All babies love jingle bells and this is a fantastic set. The four elements can either be hooked onto each other to form a giant tamborine-style instrument or used separately – I’m sure the babies will enjoy making a huge racket with this one!

That’s Not My…Books via Amazon £3.85-£5.99 (prices vary depending on book)

I love these touchy-feely books – they each have a variety of textures for the babies to feel, so they’re usually a winner. I really like getting books as a present, as it’s something we can do together lots of times and repeatedly as Emma is a bit in love with books at the moment.

Freddie The Fish Bubble Machine by Mothercare (£6 with any online order)

I’d go as far to say that every household should have one of these because bubbles rock! Anything that makes my baby instantly happy and mesmerised is a winner for me and I’ve actually bought an extra one for Emma’s birthday coming up. These are usually £16, so the bargain price of £6 was too good to pass up.

Hope you enjoyed my picks of affordable presents to take to 1st birthday parties, let me know any others you’ve come across in the comments below!


2 thoughts on “Inspiration :: First Birthday Presents for under £10

  1. These really are handy especially the Bubble Machine. I had no idea it was that cheap otherwise I would have gotten it ages ago. Perhaps for my daughter Evelyn when she is 2 at the end of April then. She would love this! Thank you for the suggestion. Great List! 🙂 Happy Birthday to Emma too! 🙂 xx Thank you for linking up with us on #FabFridayPost


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