My Happy :: A Tougher Week


It’s been slightly tougher this week, Emma seems a bit more run down than usual and has another tooth coming through…although it hasn’t shown itself yet! It only take a couple of nights of being awake every other hour to completely drain me. But trying to look on the positives and still do lots of lovely things with her to keep her mind off it. I’m really loving doing my happy lists, to remind myself of the lovely times even when parts of the week are a bit more trying than usual.

1. Reaching over 1,000 followers on Twitter and 650+ on Instagram.

2. My two best friends coming to visit me yesterday – we obviously don’t get to see each other as often as we did when I lived in London, and it was just so wonderful to catch up and have a bit of a giggle! They brought homemade jammie dodgers with them, which is just so thoughful and lovely.

3. A new revelation – cheese on naan toast. Ok, I know it sounds a bit mad but earlier in the week I was desperate for a snack and only had a leftover Sainsbury’s naan, so just popped it under the grill with cheese on top. It was so utterly delicious, it must be something to do with the spices!

4. Skyping my other half in the US, we miss him so much and being able to chat for half an hour face to face makes all the difference.

5. Getting used to the help from our Nanny and watching Emma come back from their time together full of smiles (with a little pang of jealousy that I missed it).

6. Receiving some truly lovely comments on my blog.

7. Mid-week Wagamama’s takeaway. I’m seriously LOVING Deliveroo at the moment and their ramen noodle soup is the best. More of that please!

8. Joining the #tribalchat twitter chat on Thursday night and chatting to bloggers I’d never met before, such a welcoming group of ladies.

9. All the NCT ladies and family and friends bending over backwards to help me while my other half is away – the kindness of the people around me is something I never really expected.

10. Going back to bed for a lie in this morning, which I don’t usually do! Emma has been so restless at night lately but still up super early and I decided to nap when she did, and felt so much better for it.

Hope you’re having a lovely weekend too!

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