Review :: VTech First Steps Baby Walker

At 10 months Emma showed such interest in standing up and taking a few steps that I decided to get her a walker. I was hoping it would give her the satisfaction of being able to get from A to B without mummy transporting her.

Introducing VTech’s First Steps Baby Walker! The first thing that’s a winner for me is how easy this is to assemble. As I opened the box, Emma started jumping up and down excitedly, tapping her hands on the box – so there was pressure to put this together fairly quickly! But it was no trouble at all – the front panel is attached the frame with a click catch, and can be removed so the baby can use on its own on the floor. The batteries can be inserted at the rear of the walker panel and then you’re good to go.


Emma absolutely loves it. The panel has flashing lights that keep her entertained and the music is very catchy which she really enjoys. There are 8 different elements to play with and Emma’s favourite so far is the peek-a-boo door. As you open it, a voice says “peek-a-boo I see you!” – it’s really taught her about opening and closing doors. I do find the music pretty loud, even on the low setting. So just have to make sure we don’t play it at 6am before our downstairs neighbours have woken up!

We’ve now had the walker for 2 months and I have seen such a marked improvement with Emma’s strength on her feet. She’s now well able to stand from sitting and vice versa, and often tests her balance by letting go and falling to her bottom or practising squats! You can tell that she is testing the boundaries of what she can do and how long she can stand for, and this walker is great for supporting her in doing that.

The VTech First Steps Baby Walker is £24.99 from Amazon and many more retailers – we bought this walker for Emma, this is not a sponsored post.

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