Spring/Summer Wishlist :: My Top 5

The sun is shining so brightly today and it always puts a spring in my step. It’s coincided with Emma moving up a size in her clothes and I have begun to think about new clothes for her.

I love shopping for Emma – there’s something about shopping for a little girl that can make me go completely overboard. And as we approach the year mark, there are definitely a few brands that I love spying on!

Organic Zoo & Gray Label :: for gifts or special occasions

I’ve never been a really girly girl, which is probably why I love these two brands. They both do the casual chic look really well and I’ve been toying with buying these for a while now. The chocolate sweatshirt is £21 by Organic Zoo and made from 100% organic cotton – they also sell a baby grow which says ‘milk’ in the same writing, very cute! The dress is £48 and booties are £22, both by Gray Label. I love its simplicity and thought they’d look really lovely on Emma.

John Lewis & Gap :: everyday clothes


Recently I had a bit of a John Lewis haul for Emma, and it reminded me how much I love their girls’ clothes. Everything is such good quality and beautiful; I ended up having to be super selective so I didn’t get tempted to overspend! I love this long sleeved day dress (£16) – I find the long sleeved dresses so much more practical to keep her warm as Brighton can get coolish unexpectedly.

I’ve written about our weekly swimming routine before, and lately I’ve been on the look out for a new swimsuit for Emma as her current one is getting a bit snug. Gap’s swimsuits seem to be the perfect fit for her, and I love the the frilly straps – they look so pretty. I do have a little bit of a stripe theme going on in her wardrobe at the moment, but she seems to suit the nautical look!

Hope you enjoyed seeing my favourite things – let me know what you think in the comments below..

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