Baby Swimming

Emma has been swimming now for 8 months and is absolutely loving it. I was a little apprehensive to take her at first as she wasn’t exactly what you’d call a water baby from day one. When she was 2 weeks old, I gave her a bath and she screamed while holding onto my shirt for dear life…quite the contrast compared to friends who said their babies of the same age loved it and were splish splashing away every night.

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The Perfect Poached Eggs

I have this theory that people can be separated into two categories: those who live for breakfast, and those who just aren’t that fussed and can wait. In our house, the boys and girls are separated into those two camps – the boys wake up and watch a bit of TV before they even think about getting something to eat. For me and Emma, it’s a totally different story. In fact most mornings, Emma (at not even 1 year old) is making shouty noises at me as I crumble her Weetabix at record speed.

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Review: Spring Barn Farm, Lewes

It was a gloriously sunny day on Tuesday so I decided to take Emma and her brother James to Spring Barn Farm in Lewes, just outside of Brighton. She’s getting so intrigued by everything around her and it’s so lovely to watch – and James was really excited to show her around too.

It was a day to remember as it is the first time we have had a day out without my other half there too – and that made it extra special.

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MAD Awards: Vote for Bridie By The Sea

Today has been one of those great days filled with lovely moments – it started off sad as my other half left for a work trip, but then we took Emma to a farm for the first time and I saw her fascinated by the animals and truly excited. On the way back, she conked out in the back and I managed to make ‘the transfer’ from car seat to cot with her still fast asleep so I settled down for half an hour down time.

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Easter Baking :: Fruit & Nut Chocolate Cups

Happy Easter everyone! Hope you’re all having a relaxing one and have lots of chocolate to hand.

I should’ve known that the weather would be pretty awful on the Easter bank holiday and right on cue we woke up to a grey and miserable one. This morning we’re having a relaxed one as yesterday was so hectic – we all went to a first birthday party of Emma’s best pal; her first of many birthday parties I’m sure. It was strangely exhausting for all of us but she absolutely loved it as it covered all her favourites: balloons, bubbles and lots of food.

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